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We are impassioned advocates for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Since 1998 we have been assisting individuals in the corporate arena move into the small business world and entrepreneurship, to gain competitive advantage.  We support, guide, inform, and educate Restauranteurs, Boutiques, Coffee shops, Photographers, Lobbyists, Medical/Health professionals, Marketing and Advertising agencies, PR Firms, Radio personalities, Career Coaches, and more. 

We believe entrepreneurs and small business owners are the foundation required for economic growth. We are here to assist you in achieving profound, tangible results, whether the focus is on strategy, brand development, digital live-streaming, social media marketing, PR, digital media, or operations. We are committed to helping our clients improve their products and services, their business relationships, and their bottom line economics. We work alongside you in making that happen.

- Marcus Padulchick

I am first and foremost a mom. Everything flows along after that. I focus on the creative side of our client base, Primarily women and individuals who are artists, boutique owners, jewelry designers, authors, and photographers. I think that gives you an idea of where my passions lie.

I am the co-founder and creative business strategist here at I also front as the business etiquette advisor as well. As an obsessed jeweler and former mermaid, I love to work alongside creatives. As an artist and jewelry designer for more than 30 years, I understand your challenges

- Sandra Pendragon



Having issues within your business? Are you finding out there are more fires to put out than you have hands? We are here to provide information, education, support, and guidance. Getting frustrated with business strategy? Social Media eating away time from working on your business? Would you rather be focused on the thrill of seeing your brand out in the community? Looking for assistance with getting your business to grow? We are here to assist you in finding a variety of methods to make that happen.

Whether the focus is on strategy, social media, PR, digital media, or operations, we are committed to our clients improving their products and services, their business relationships, and their bottom line economics.


*Brand Development​ *Social Media Marketing *Business Strategy *Digital Tools *Livestream Training *Accountability Partners  *Business Mentorship/Coaching *Objective Assessments *Reputation Management  *Seminars, Trainings & Workshops (virtual & Real World when we return to normal)


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