Marcus Padulchick ND & Source Excellence

Marcus PadulchickMarcus is a lecturer, author, advisor, and consultant.  He uses his unique but always dynamic speaking style, with his ability to motivate blended with his compassion & caring to assist individuals on their path to growth and success.

Marcus is the founder and C.E.O of Source Excellence, a global provider of integrated consulting solutions.

We help our clients maximize the return on investment in their business, while assisting individuals to achieve their full potential. We are advisers, coaches and consultants focused on your business and your needs.

Marcus Padulchick and Source Excellence have a clear and unequivocal mission:

To help corporations and entrepreneurs at all levels gain and sustain competitive advantage, and achieve profound, tangible results for their clients. Whether the focus is on strategy or operations, on organizational change or individual growth and skills development.
Source Excellence is committed to helping clients improve their products and services, their business relationships, and their bottom line economics. We accomplish these goals through an approach that combines a broad knowledge of business issues with a deep understanding of relationship development.

Source Excellence is an international strategy and general management consulting firm whose mission is to help create and sustain competitive advantage. As a truly international firm,Source Excellence strong global presence offers clients a wealth of cross-cultural experience. We assist clients in finding insight and innovation and look to the future of leading-edge strategic thinking.

Source Excellence can find the methodology to unlocking growth in an organization involves diagnosing and addressing multiple factors that don’t fit neatly into any one functional area or management discipline.

Our advisory services are designed to reflect this reality. We have developed deep, specialized expertise in areas critical to growth, and the ability to combine that expertise in customized ways for each client. The experience of working with Source Excellence is distinctively different.

Source Excellence focus is on relationships and the need for solid foundations to grow personally, professionally and economically. We know that business owners, practitioners to international business desire sustainable growth. It is important to be motivated and enabled to move, convinced the direction is correct. We do that well, working with individuals to international business. We start from your personal situation and customize everything we do. We help you find the best way for your organization to solve the challenge at hand. The ideas, approaches, and methods we bring to bear on client problems are not out of the box general solutions attempted to fit all situations. We look at you and your organization as unique requiring custom solutions.

While we provide advisory services on the most critical issues impacting your business we are not just a consulting firm. We help our clients build their own capabilities for lasting results, and we offer coaching services that complement our strategic advisory work. Today more than ever before, business success is based on highly interconnected relationships. We recognize that our firm’s values and culture have a direct impact on the results we deliver.